Mark Twain's Advice To Youth

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“Advice to Youth”
Mark twain in “Advice to youth” gives some kind of ethics codes to young generation in order to see them taking profit of the benefits hidden in their virtues. Mark twain first advice to youth is to always obey their parents. His second advice to youth is to be respectful to everyone and especially to superiors which helps to develop a better attitude and take good initiative even in unpleasant situation, then Mark twain talks about lie and wants young people to realize that lies don’t last long and “truth is mighty and will always prevail” it is better speaking the truth than lying, and losing trust and respect. He also advice young people not to handle firearms carelessly
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This is why parents want to give the best education possible for their children in order to see them growing up with a good moral condition, but the triste reality of life gives our children two alternatives either you are good or you are bad, and this is a choice they make according to the education they choose to follow. Therefore, the idea of having a strong influence on young people literally draws attention and acceptation to what you say, and this is what Mark Twain had through his comic books. Mark Twain in “Advise to youth” has decided to be, not only an entertainer, but also a moral figure for all his lectors and fans (who are young people for the most part). He gives through this article a hand of help to parents by engraining in his lectors what is considered to be the most formidable concept of ethic for young people in the society.
I believe that “Advice to youth” is a wonderful source of help for young people because it bring advices that opens doors for success. The article starts by giving us the three major things that provide great favor in life. First, we have obedience and especially to parents which in the case of parents and children picturizes acceptation, of the education given. It has physical reward which is being safe far from external danger and spiritual rewards whi “Advice to
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