Mark Twain's Impact On Literature

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Hard Times makes a Great Writer

I strongly believe that being exposed to death and harsh conditions effected the way Mark Twain's wrote literature.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born on 30 November 1919, American author and humorist became one of the best storytellers in the west (Quirk web). Twain wrote strange works that had society curious because, its nothing like they have seen before, And they loved it.The hoaxes and jokes showed some of the things he witnessed as a child. Even after Twain's death he left a mark and impact that has greatly effected the way we look at literature today.

In Twains early life he suffered with the loss of a younger sister due to an unknown cause (Press 16). Shortly after his father died from pneumonia at the age 49. That meant him and his older brother Orion had to get a job Twain was only 12 (press,16). Twain worked alongside his
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His father worked as a lawyer which exposed twain to a lot of sick people and crimes and murdering (press,13). Twain turned the things he seen into books. In the book Tom Sawyer, the stranger that was killed by the widow gets revenge was based off the time he seen a widow kill a ruthless neighbor that threatened her (press,13).

Twain grew up in a household that had 2 slaves he witnessed his father abuse them. Twain knew it was wrong but he didn’t show it in public he had sympathy for them inside. The only way he could show the world how he felt was code it in a book. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was the book he told it in. That is the reason in many of his writing white people are showed to be cruel, mean. Twain shows the world that slaves or colored are the same as anyone else.

Mark Twain now influences the way literature is and the affect of how we critic the works. Dark Romanticism also shows in his writing along with many other themes, formats,
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