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According to Mark Twain, the man is the lowest animal due to their stinginess and greed, but there are other reasons to say that this is incorrect and simply an opinion on account of his unfortunate past experiences. Although a bit people believe the man is avaricious and miserly the reality is there are others that are completely opposite through the ways of volunteering and can presented through their personality. The man can be generous and give to the poor, ignorant, and helpless based on their personality. If they are kind, it follows that helping other people one of their characteristics. If the person has a negative personality, that being so, their willingness to help other is non existent. Only a kind hearted person will operate…show more content…
People will give their own time in order to help others in need, no matter how tough the circumstances. Helping commonality in general is a kind task to achieve, but helping the community with a task that is overwhelming, you can form you to be a striving and kind-hearted person. Doing tasks that challenges you is daunting, but a hearty natured human being will overtake the challenge and help whoever is in need, while a selfish person would not initiate an effort in general. Both people benefit from volunteering, the one receiving the action and getting what they needed and the one giving will learn from their tasks. It is clear that one receiving is in play to receive what they desire in the long run, but the person doing learns about the people they are helping and getting further respect in themselves, knowing they are kind. Volunteering is a superb example of not being greedy or stingy, but helping others doesn 't just help the person receiving the deed, volunteering helps the person who is giving also. Volunteering is a prominent way to show that you are a kind and high spirited person. Being opposite of what is

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