Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn: Chapter Analysis

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Chapter 6 – 6/29/15 Pap continues to threaten Huck for going to school, but Huck goes just to offend his father. Pap also sues Judge Thatcher for possessing Huck’s fortune, which he wants for himself. In addition, he continues to get drunk. One day, Pap kidnapped Huck and took him to a wood cabin deep in the woods where no one will find them. There, the two hunt and fish while Pap drinks booze. Huck finds a saw and was close to escaping the cabin when his father came back. Pap started to complain about the government and how they were hypocrites and liars for postponing the trial for Huck’s money and how he might lose his own son. He felt like he has no freedom while an African American, who’s supposed to be a servant, does.…show more content…
He makes up an excuse to his father, who’s oblivious to what he tried to do to his son. Following his father’s orders, Huck goes to the river to check if any fish were caught. He finds an abandoned canoe drifting, and hides it in the woods. When Pap leaves, Huck immediately goes to work sawing his way out of the cabin. Once he was free, he prepared his escape with food, weapons, and other things of value from the cabin into his new canoe. To make sure no one comes searching for him, Huck faked his own death by breaking the door with his axe, uses the blood of a wild pig to disguise as his own, puts the hole he cut back in place, and makes a misleading trail so searchers would be looking for the robbers in another direction. Huck then plans to paddle to Jackson’s Island by the river when the moon rises. He drifts off and wakes to see his father pass by on the river. Huck then precariously sets off to his…show more content…
The people on board shot canons into the water in order to locate Huck’s body. They also set out pieces of bread in the water containing mercury, since that helps to find the corpse. Huck catches a piece and happily eats it while watching the ferryboat pass by. He starts to feel guilty since all the people he cares about are on the boat, searching for him after hearing the devastating news about his apparent murder. Other than that, Huck mostly spends his time on his island alone, eating berries and fish and smoking as much as he wants. At night, he watches the stars and the ferryboats and enjoys the peacefulness of the river. One day, he stumbles upon a camp that was not his. He immediately panics since there’s someone else on the island. Huck searches for a while and finds Jim, who panicked at the sight of Huck since Huck was supposed to be dead. Jim tells Huck about how Miss Watson was potentially going to sell him for a large amount of money to someone in New Orleans. He ran away before she had a chance to
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