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In current popular culture, celebrities given a very high level of importance. Celebrities are talked about on television and written about in magazines. To be a celebrity a person must be known by many people. The more people that now about a celebrity the bigger that celebrity is. The vast majority of celebrities are entertainers. People that sing, play sports, or act in popular movies are often celebrities. These people become famous because they all have skills that people like to watch. People with skills that aren’t entertaining, such as doctors and scientists, don 't attract a following and are not celebrities. Celebrity status is often idolized and envied. This is because celebrities are usually wealthy, attractive, and live luxurious…show more content…
In the picture he is wearing formal clothes, but his tie is loose and his shirt is wrinkled. He is probably dressed this way to seem relatable to the “average” person. Though he may look like an office workers finishing his shift the picture is clearly staged. Mark Wahlberg initially became famous as a rapper in the 90s. Mark Wahlberg is considered to be attractive which, along with his music, probably helped him to become famous. In popular culture physical appearance is important in determining popularity. Later on in Wahlberg 's career he made the switched to acting, and in now a successful actor. This career change probably kept Wahlberg to become irrelevant in popular culture. Because popular culture is constantly changing the 90s rapper version of Wahlberg would have been quickly left behind as new music trends came through. By switching his career to acting he has been able to remain popular. In his acting career he has been in a wide range of movies, from action to comedy. Since his acting abilities will probably never go out of style, he will probably continue with his celebrity status into the future. But when he gets too old to be considered attractive he will probably be replaced by a younger more attractive

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