Mark Watney Being Alone Analysis

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At this moment in the novel, Mark Watney realizes that he is truly alone. He thinks that everybody is going to forget about him. This is what he is mostly afraid of. He has no hope in surviving so it creates a pessimistic attitude towards this whole situation. (CONTEXT) People often feel like they are going to be forgotten, Mark Watney is afraid that he will be alone forever. This plays in with the theme of isolation because he feels like nobody will remember him. This creates a sense of isolation that's both figurative and literal; he's afraid of not only being left behind, but forgotten as a whole. (SIGNIFICANCE) Whenever Mark goes out onto the surface of the planet, he gets a cruel reminder of how truly alone he really is. With just dust and dirt all surrounding him, he realizes that that’s all that’s on Mars. Even though he can’t communicate with Earth yet, living in an earth-like building reminds him that there are people and a home waiting for him. However, seeing the empty, dull Mars landscape has the opposite affect on him. Whether people deal with loneliness physically or emotionally, it has a great affect on human emotions. Being alone physically makes someone feel lonely, obviously. Emotionally though, it can make someone feel unwanted. In this context with Watney…show more content…
In the novel, having all of the machines off creates an awkward silence for Mark because it’s something that he has been hearing for over a year. To have something like that suddenly change can be a hard adjustment to deal with. This can be hard on feelings because people may feel that nobody understands what they are experiencing. Now that Mark has done this, nothing will be the same because he is being rescued. This is the same for people, because they can perceive that nothing will ever be the same because of one small adjustment in
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