Mark Watney In The Film The Martian

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Astronauts are some of the most important people in the world. After all they set out on missions not many will even consider. Going into space is an incredibly chilling feat. In space there is noone to help if something goes wrong. There are no hospitals for sick or injured astronauts to go to. An astronaut has virtually no medical assistance once they lift off from the ground. Astronauts face many bone chilling realities before they even leave the ground below their feet. One thing that has happened more than anyone would like too admit to is the spacecraft exploding only a few seconds after lift off. No matter how advanced we become as a society a tragic accident happening. One of the most challenging things that floats over your head is that you are alone. Small groups of astronauts go into space at a time and they have no one else around them. Leaving family and loved ones behind also must be taken into consideration when you start talking about the space exploration. Leaving your wife and children behind not knowing of what will happen to you in the wild mysteries of space exploration. In the film “The Martian” Mark Watney, the main character is believed to be dead and is left on the moon by his fellow astronauts after an enormous space storm. Although Mark does not face some of the other issues that are talked about earlier, he faces the most devastating consequence of them all. Being left alone in space…show more content…
Watney first wakes up and he has a hole in his space suit so he has to make his way to the rover that is stationed just off the space camp. One of the most important things that Watney does is he calculates how long he can live with the food that he has. The antenna on the radio is broken so Watney has no way to communicate with any of the crew or Nasa that is back on earth. Watney uses his intelligence and creates a small food plot so he has a stable supply of

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