Mark Whatney's Desolation World

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To illustrate the concept of being stuck on a desolation world Mark Whatney describes it simply as “ I’m truly alone “ (Weir 75). Mark Whatney the heroic astronaut who was left for dead by his unsuspecting crew who believed he had indeed died. NASA has only recently figured out that he is still alive and has no way to contact him. In this journal there will be predicting on Mark Whatneys future, evaluating his current situation, and connecting him to other astronauts. Although Mark Whatney has steadily made progress towards increasing his lifespan but I predict he will encounter tremendous obstacles in the future. My first prediction is that his potatoes will perish when he leaves for his Ares 4 trip. I believe this because he states that “ Plants need CO2 to survive and Mark Whatney provides that when be breathes out.” (Weir 79) So with him not being there mark has to supply the HAB with CO2 and if he deposits too much CO2 into the HAB he could potentially die. My next prediction is that he will get lost on his Rover…show more content…
My main evaluation is that he should mainly focus on producing food and water. These are his basic needs and people always say basic lasts longer. However he is doing a very good job at this already stating “ The HAB will feed the potatoes while I’m gone” (Weir 79). So he has created an atmosphere in which he can fortunately survive in for a while. So I evaluate that the current situation he is in is in is way safer then where he started because of the he work he has put in. Also I evaluate that NASA is making a rescue plan because in the book they keep going back to NASA and wondering why a billion dollar company couldn’t save one man? It almost seems as though Mark Whatney is the only man on earth and they don’t like him so they don’t talk ☺. Overall I assess that Mark Whatney is progressively making progress to his ultimate goal, which is get off
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