Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Style Analysis

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From the past few weeks, we have already learned a lot about leadership in class and had different examples of different leadership styles. The meaning of class is how we are going to apply what we learned to build our leadership skills and become a leader or know how to be a follower to work with our leader. Our team is a team of manliness and we all have different styles of leadership, however, we all want to learn from famous leaders in order to be a qualified leader in the future. Our goal is to expand our mind of leadership with specific examples, not only limited in hospitality industry, but also around the world. Though we are studying hotel management, which is in hospitality industry, there are lots of famous leaders in
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In the world, everyone uses Facebook as a social media and communication platform. Zuckerberg used to study psychology and computer science in Harvard University. On his second year in Harvard, he created a program which named Facemash. This program allowed students to choose the best appearance or beauty through thousands of photos. At the beginning, the website went through well one weekend. However, on the next Monday, Harvard University shut it down because too many students got accessed to the website and the Harvard internet server couldn’t afford such an enormous number of page view and they prevented students to get accessed to the website again. In addition, some students also complained about using their photos without their permission. Later then Zuckerburg apologized publicly. According to David Klepper (2011), during Mark Zuckerberg’s study period in Harvard, he dropped out of university because he wanted to expand his idea of social media. (para. #1) In 2004, Zuckerberg made Facebook come true in his Harvard dormitory room, and then started his great business and brought the enormous influence to social media and the…show more content…
Leadership is to encourage, motivate and teach people to learn new knowledge and skills. According to Ekaterina Walter (2014), Mark Zuckerberg is considered as the leader of the internet industry because he has five distinctive traits: full of passion, firm purpose, connection with employees, and well relationship with partnerships. (para. #4-19) For his passion, Zuckerberg is person that always with passion to his goals. His goal is to make the world more open and connect people together by the internet. When leaders has passion about the main goal, they will do it by themselves to grope the way to succeed and then motivate followers to make goals happen. A leader should be motivated to achieve goals by passion and it gives energy to the leader to move forward. For his purpose, Zuckerberg created Facebook in order to connect people together. It is not only a social media platform, but a place to bring people together and share information. This is his firm purpose from the beginning until now. Leaders always have firm and main purpose to keep in mind in order to remind themselves no matter how hard the way to achieve goals, they will continue to build on goals and never give up. For his connection with employees, Zuckerberg always communicates with his employees and listen to their ideas or comments. In the

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