Market Orientation Strategy

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Market orientation is a process of identifying the wants and need of customers. Market orientation it is a company focused on discovering and meeting the needs and desire of its customers through its product mix. The advantage of market oriented companies are it would have a higher customer value. Moreover market oriented companies can do better than their competitor hence it will increase their profit. Company will focus the needs of customers and try the best to meet their needs due to the level of competitive among the companies is high. It can be achieved by performing market research. In market research, the companies are gathering, record and analysis of data from the customer
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Nestle has its own business principle. The Nestle corporate business principles are the basis of the company culture. It has been developed over the span of 140 years. Nestle is committed to the following business principles in all countries, taking into account local legislation, cultural and religious practices. All these principles provide clear guidelines for employees and help them make choice which reflects the company 's ethical stance. The first principle is Nutrition, Health and Wellness. The purpose of this principle is to enhance the quality of consumers ' lives every day, everywhere by offering tastier and healthier food and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Nestle express it through their corporate proposition Good Food, Good Life. Next business principle is quality assurance and product safety. Nestle name represents a promise to the consumer that their product is safe and of high standard. The third principle is consumer…show more content…
Climate week is one of the ways that the company going green. Climate week took place to help tackle climate change. Tesco sold the Climate Week- branded Bags for Life on Buy One Get One Free. Tesco have achieved highest weekly sales of Bags for Life. If just 10% of the customers reuse their Climate Week bags, it will save an additional 2.3 million carrier bags per year. By this Tesco can helps to reduce the use of plastic bags. The reduction in the use of plastics would help in the conservation of energy. Besides that, Tesco had lots of green offers in stores and sales of the climate Week T-Shirt to raised money for the Environmental Justice Foundation. Besides that, Tesco also become the first supermarket that has carbon labels their own
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