Market Segmentation In A Beauty Industry

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Market segmentation is important and helpful for a business, it’s enable the company to target to the right customers for its product. Companies are beneficial when they only need to focus on a group of full potential customers. The way it works is dividing a large number of buyers into an identifiable segments based on the different factors. There are few ways to segmentation a market effectively. (A) Demographic segmentation
First of all, demographic segmentation can be segmented on income of consumers. The willingness of people on buying are more relying on their disposal income. The higher of disposal income will lead to a higher demand of products and services. Disposal income means the money of the consumers would like to spend in their
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Lifestyle is about the combination of habits and attitudes that form the mode of living of an individual. It is important for a business to track on the new lifestyle trend. So that, they can always be up-to-date for the latest needs and wants of their faithful customers. Also nowadays, people pursuing beauty lifestyle especially for those ladies with high pay salary. Modern ladies in this century are more willing to wear make-up on herself in their days. In some countries, almost every women there will make-up when they move out to the street. For example, Russia. This country women are have a highly percentage to make up a time each day. Make-up is their lifestyle in that…show more content…
Companies may target to the right customer group when they know the customer well. According to the model developed by Engel, Blackwell and Kollat, there are 5 stages include when consumer making decision to purchase. There is also some factors a company has to take into consideration when design a marketing proposal because it would affect the purchasing decision of consumer.

a) Personal factor
Age and way of life is the important things to consider in our beauty and personal care industry. Different peoples in different ages will have a different life style. For example, teenager may not spend a lot of money in beauty and cosmetic product. This is because people in this age are not affected by the wrinkles and skin aging problems. Therefore, it is hard to convince them to purchase skin care product. To solve the age problem, company can do a research to show that the better time to maintain a good appearance is when there are still young. Sometimes, there is also an exception especially those teenager parents was regularly using beauty product. That may cultivate as a lifestyle to their children from

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