Market Segmentation In Carrefour

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We can defined market segmentation simply as the dividing of consumers into groups by age, gender, ethnicities, religion, reign, economic, occupation, culture...ext. By dividing consumers, marketers will be able to identify correct highly requested products, services, prices and marketing tool for each group. This analysis of consumers has great impact in the marketing strategy for any business in terms of targeting the right group. This will eventually lead to producing high quality products and satisfy the consumers, which will get the max, profit in return (Dibb, Stern and Wensley 2002).
Consumer buying behavior depends on the level of involvement of the consumer in buying the product and the price of the product itself. The first type of
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In order to encourage customers to buy Thai fruits, Carrefour 's marketers must focus on two important aspects: customer value and relationships. In this case, marketers need to identify which customers they will serve. They need to divide consumers into segments and then identify the segments they need to go after. After that, they should create value for consumers by creating a good image in the consumers mind. Marketers should verify clearly four elements, product, price, place and promotion (Wise and Sirohi 2005). The product –which is fruits- must be a high quality, specified features and will packaged. These fruits are planted by local people which makes them chemicals and hormones free. Marketers should focus on consumers ' needs when creating this product. Then they should study the fruits prices in the targeted market in order to list the fair price of Thai fruits and maybe offer some discounts at the first batch due to the current economic and market situation. Then they will need to identify the best way of transportation and logistics and specify the best dealers and locations that include the targeted segment. After preparing these three elements, they should have a plan for advertising the fruits planted by local people as well as their availability in all seasons due to Thailand weather and also have some sales promotions to attract consumers who are coming across an advertisement every other…show more content…
There are different marketing orientations organizations could adopt. Production concept refers to those companies who focus on increasing the quantity of their products. In the past, marketers believed that this is the best type of marketing orientation. After a while from producing a high quantity of certain products, the market was saturated which made some companies loose. So the marketers began to focus more on the product concept which is the quality instead of quantity. This was a very important step; however this high quality production made sure the prices still at a high level. The customers were not buying at this stage, as there were no differences of varieties in terms of pricing due to the high quality production. This made marketers starts making sales promotion, discounts, and offers and after purchase services to in order to sell their products. At this point, nobody thought actually of the customer 's real needs. Marketing concept was finally invented were marketers say if you want to succeed you have to analyze customers ' needs and then develop or create the product. This particular concept is adopted by Carrefour when they divided their customers into segments to target more specifically with in-depth analyses. Also, Carrefour did not forget society. Actually they adopted the social concept of marketing orientation in a very clever way by supplying fruits from local people, they created an income for locals and a strong relationship

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