Market Segmentation In Global Market

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Question1 a) Market segmentation is the way toward separating market into-particular subsets of purchaser with basic needs. The system of division permits makers to empower confronting rivalry in the commercial center by separating their advertising. Consumer –rooted segmentation bases are (demographics, geodemegraphic, personality traits, life style, and social cultural) In this case they want to think about ways in those multiple reference points (lifestyle, cultures and geodemographics) can be integrated into new-segmentation approaches to create successful segments) They need to add geographic segmentation. In geographic segmentation the market is divided by location. The theory is that individuals who live in a similar zone share some…show more content…
Lifestyle psychographics include activates and opinions .they explains buyers purchase decision and choices. Social culture segmentation based on life cycle and social class, lifecycle stages (bachelorhood ,honeymooners)it could be used to target travel trips ,but social class it could be indicated by level of education, income ,occupation . Culture and subculture it is through that people share the same culture and values behave in similar way and react similarity to a marketing mix. It is an important criteria in segmentation especially in when expanding in international markets. The segment they want to satisfy is the international segment which include business people and professionals whose career span several counties as well as immigrates and refugees. Marketing and mobile service will explore the viability of such segment, they made several existing theatrical framework and concepts…show more content…
Maslow's hypothesis distinguishes five rudiments of levels of human needs, which rank in significance from lower-level (biogenic) needs to more elevated amount needs. The hypothesis specifies that the people try to fulfill bring down need before higher needs develop. At the point when a lower require fulfill, another higher need rises et cetera. In mobile technology service ,we could define the inner need in traveling that the need of safety like to call and make sure the kids or the family members are ok and there is no something wrong with them .and that’s considered as a primary need. But if we are talking about acquired needs in traveling with the mobile service ,here we can talk about some utilities like mobile wifi ,searching and to communicate with others and blogging that considered as more ego or self esteem and entertaining and it considered as secondary needs .example (information’s and where to go

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