Market Segmentation Of Carrefour

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Carrefour had to segment their customers because they had different needs, behaviors, and preferences; therefore, it was difficult for the company to meet every consumer’s personal characteristics (Wedel and Kamakura 2012, p. 6). Carrefour also had to segment their customers because they needed to come up with a marketing mix that will help the firm meet the needs its customers in their target market. Market segmentation refers to the division of a market into segments that are identifiable and similar. These segments refer to a group of people or organizations that have one or more features in common, which prompts to have same product tastes and needs. According to Wedel and Kamakura (2012, p. 6-7), market segmentation is important because it helps the organization to use their resources efficiently and make better strategic decisions. For instance, Carrefour will not waste their resources on advertising because they have already identified a specialized market for their fruits. Market segmentation helps the company to serve better their customers and attracts more; thus, helps in gaining competitive advantage. Lastly, market segmentation helps organizations to create a sustainable customer relationship, which contributes to increasing their loyalty. It is because it allows the firm to provide products that satisfy customer needs and preference and they can cater for their changing pattern of behavior over time. The buyer’s level of involvement and the level of involvement
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