Market Segmentation Of Coca Cola

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Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) or (CPG), is produce that is sold fast and at a very low cost. Examples contain non-durable goods such as soft drinks, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, toys, processed foods and countless supplementary all concerning terms, the products that well known to everyone from trips to the supermarket or from advertisements on social media. The brands that make up this sector are the elevated profile ones, the ones everybody knows and loves; this is an industry that puts you every place across the globe.

Literature Review:

Market Segmentation of (FMCG):
1- Geographic Segmentation:

This is segmenting a geographic landmass into sub sets. The large bulk of associations use this
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Market Segmentation of FMCG chosen product Coca Cola:

Coca-Cola is known for its great taste of drink, its one of the biggest companies that produce soft drinks. Coca Cola Company use market techniques that falls in undifferentiated marketing which means no segmentation but it has some important facts:

A) Geographic Segmentation: -
Coke is an international brand product, where you can find it all across countries and regions. Its well known for its taste and quality it varies according to it taste and income level of people in each country, at the end the product is affordable and many people enjoy the taste of it in many occasions.

B) Climate:
When it comes to coca cola Company marketing the main product idea is to serve the drink cold and chilling for people to enjoy the taste and coldness of the drink. That’s reason the company focuses more in hot areas for example: Middle East in summer time where each season it sale goes
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It faces a vital question: does it have to retain the alike positioning or to change according to the 200 states whereas the brand sells its products. The brand has understood this principle as ago: “think globe, deed local”. Coca is therefore keen to retain the alike core product that is coke, but it adapts the proposal to innate needs. They use crucial positioning in order to have the alike picture all concerning the globe that is an accomplishment because it is observed nowadays as a portion of daily existence everywhere. This understanding of the brand by the customer leads to an elevated degree of loyalty and makes the buying decision extra automatic. Coca Cola has been prosperous by employing Exceptional Vending preposition as “Live the coke side of life”, connected to joy and happiness.
Consumers basically associate this brand alongside these emotions. After the term of Coke is remarked, the early thing that comes into mind is fun and entertainment.

Marketing Mix: - (Coca cola Company)

Coca cola is very well known of its highest brand equity, the company has been going through a lot of ups and downs but that made the company reach to a very good position now a days. The marketing mix of coca cola has been changed many times regarding to the new products been added to the company, where now they have around (3300) products. The company marketing mix goes as follows:

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