Marketing Advantage Of Social Media

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humanized. In other words, people feel more comfortable interacting with the companies, because on social media, businesses can act like a human being. This brings a great advantage since people tend to do business with people like themselves and not with a company. In addition to that, researches have shown that a high number of social media followers have a tendency to improve trust and credibility for companies.
5. Higher Brand Authority. Interacting with people frequently creates a positive image for the company, as it reflects the good faith for the consumers. When people express their satisfaction or complaint about a product or a service on social media, using the brand name, they reluctantly create a new audience for the band. Hence
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Richer Customer Experiences. The primary objective of the social media is to be a communication channel. Every interaction with the customers through social media is an opportunity to develop relationships and demonstrate a better customer service. It creates a personal experience, which lets people know companies care about them.
10. Improved Customer Insights. Social media also provides the opportunity to gather valuable information about potential customers. For instance, companies can directly reach customers’ comments and discover their needs and interests, which is called social listening. (Forbes, 2014)
It is clear that social media creates an undoubtedly huge marketing advantage for organizations. Yet marketing is divided into two different sections; B2B and B2C. It is also crucial to underline that these are the most commonly used marketing terms, which refer to the two different types of target groups. Therefore the usage of social media marketing differs from each other.
In order to deliver an easier understanding of social media marketing to the reader, this graphic provides the most important objectives of social media marketing in B2B and B2C.
(Research Underwriters, Ascend2,
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(Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 2015) Especially for B2C marketing, it is an amazing tool in areas of community engagement, customer support and promotion. Along with Facebook, Pinterest is considered having been highly successful over the last few years. This allows firms to create vast brand awareness in a short time and with fewer expenses in comparison to other marketing methods. It also plays a role on how people perceive the brand. Some people may for example think that the firms, which are on social media, are more reliable than the ones who are not present
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