Marketing And Internet Marketing

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In the early 1970's, marketing originated and has come a long way since then. These days, marketing is one of the most used management processes. It is a management process that is associated with the buying and selling of a product or position. The companies use marketing in order to get higher sales, build brand name, learn their marketplaces, develop an ideal customer profile, learn how to optimize and meet new customers. Nowadays, the most commonly used type of marketing is digital marketing which is considered as the main way and future of marketing. It is extremely essential because of its pacy growth. Electronic device use is important when a company is applying digital marketing in order to attract new customers and build permanent…show more content…
The internet tools that are used in digital marketing are called internet marketing. It is important because with internet marketing companies can reach their target audiences with a small budget. Internet marketing is usually determined by three main types which are social marketing, web marketing and e-mail marketing.
Social media marketing is the first main type of internet marketing which has been rapidly developing. To begin with, there are useful implementations of social media for internet marketing. For example, Facebook Company uses social media marketing effectively. Facebook is one of the most common social media sites which is owned by the Facebook Company. Newlands stated that companies which have a Facebook fan page need to ask questions, conduct a survey and organize competitions in order to increase their fan numbers and keep their regular customers (2011, p. 34). On account of all these facts, it can be said that companies should use Facebook actively in order to communicate with old and new customers since it is a commonly used network. In addition, advertisers can buy Facebook ads that appear in the side columns of the Facebook site. These ads include a picture, a click through link to
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First of all, social media marketing is the most used internet marketing strategy these days. The implementation of social media and the feedback from customers provide a successful process for social media marketing. Web marketing is also a type of internet marketing. Companies use e-commerce sites and search engines to apply web marketing. Finally, e-mail marketing is the last type of internet marketing. Transactional e-mail and promotional e-mail are useful tools of e-mail marketing. All of these types of internet marketing are important in order to develop internet marketing. In the process of time it can develop more and go far beyond the existing practices. It is undeniable that internet marketing will grow more and become even more irreplaceable for companies and marketers. Therefore, the importance of internet marketing should not be ignored and more research must be conducted in order to improve this type of
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