Marketing And Market Segmentation Of Reliance Travel Agency

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1.0 Executive Summary

Reliance travel agency was a leading tourism company established since 1969 and was the first travel company listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange by year 1993. Reliance travel agency was dedicated to providing travel enthusiasts who love to have fun, leisure, a holiday around the world with the guarantee of best quality and experience be provided. Reliance travel agency upholds the speed, choice and trust as their core brand value in exchange for today 's brilliant. It developed from a small travel company to a company where can provide more than 200 destinations in locally and abroad. Reliance travel agency offered the vast choice of vacation destination with great service value such as airline ticketing, hotel reservation as well as customized the trip itinerary. In term of speed, travelers allowed to have instant updates of tour packages and reservation systems clothed with complete trip information. In other respects, with superb relations with airway and tour suppliers resulted them able to present quality service and low pricing that can fulfill customer satisfaction. For Reliance travel agencies, it is an honor to meet customer requirements. 2.0 Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is an essential part of an organization’s marketing strategy. It subdivides the larger target market into a smaller segment based on demographic, behavioral, psychographic and geographic differences. Demographic segmentation is a

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