Marketing And Marketing In Hotel Management

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About my academic background, I have completed for a Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management of Silpakorn University which collaborate with Vatel International Business School, France with First Class Honours in 2017. I think hotel industry is one of the fastest growing business all over the world and the thing about hotel industry that most passionate me is even the trends change all the time but hotel industry still remain. Hotel income can come from many department not only accommodation but also include food and beverage, wedding and events. Besides, I think my personality is suit for this field because I’m a friendly person, positive attitude, service mind and self controlled. For all the reasons above, I decided…show more content…
I have studied the subject that related to marketing which are Principles of Marketing and Marketing for Hotel. Then I was nominate to be a head of marketing department in Gala dinner which is the group project that I need to arrange for my 3rd year in university. The duties of this position is to advertise an event and come up with a plan that can make an event more interesting and earn the profit in the end. Afterward, I realise that marketing is an amazing field. It is the invisible strategy that very creative and strong. Everything is marketing even we know or not. Marketing can creates a huge demand for every business in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, it can collapse the company that make a mistake in marketing strategy. Therefore, I believe that marketing is a powerful tool in every business. It can add values to the product and can create unnecessary needs & wants. After I graduated I start to work with my family business which are construction material and packaging. My duties are issuing invoice and receipt, order the raw material. Afterward, I’m facing a problem that my parents business is so traditional both in process and marketing. I try to develop the process and marketing to be more trendy such as convert all the data that once record in the paper into digital. In order to make everyone in the organisation be able to access files, photos and other data with the click of a mouse. Furthermore, I start to create a Facebook page for the company which contain a basic information, contact, photos and promotion. So that not only the customer can reach the information of product and service of the company easily but also the company can see who is our main customer. In addition, this way can expand our target customer who might not interest in our product and service before. However, I recognise that my knowledge nowadays isn’t enough to compete in business due to the high competition and

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