Marketing Audit Report On Nike In China

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Marketing Audit Report on Nike in China.

1. Introduction

With the sports fitness to a wide range of modern and the rapid raise of sports undertakings in China, the situation and pattern of the sporting goods industry has undergone tremendous changes. Nike has been favored and trusted by customers after entering the Chinese market. Relying on strong capital strength and brands, Nike has gotten outstanding achievements. The branch office in China has outperformed most other branches. Facing the coexistence of opportunity and challenge, Nike is entering a hotly fierce market competition. More and more companies have seen the high profit rate and potential of Chinese sports industry. To occupy a limited share of the market, Nike devised
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This is done so its products keep at the cutting edge of sports technology. In 1987, Nike produced the world 's first pair of air cushion shoes. In 2006, cooperation between Nike and Apple Corp produced a tool that can detect the variations of the physiological indices named Nike plus. The synthesis of Sports products and electronic equipment is a substantial improvement in industry. Nike emphasizes Wear different products in different sports areas to bring the best protection. Therefore, Nike has solid professionalism in all…show more content…
Nike lays stress on cultural marketing. Sometimes retro will be trendsetter. For example, the replicas of historic product TG-24 named Cortez running shoes made extraordinary performance. The original shoes exactly worn by protagonist in the movie Forrest Gump. Even if a pair of shoes does not have technology content at present, people would still pay for it. In a sense, these products are as symbolic signs of belief.

4. Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, Nike becomes a great brand which has certain customer loyalty in China. The company also undertakes the pressure from the strong brand competition formed inside and outside.

Based on finding stated above, there are some suggestions to our brand: For helping to go deeply in Chinese market, advertising marketing should have local elements. The company has to focus not only on the professionalization of products, but the art and aesthetic. Retail store should somehow be free to have pricing power for having festival or important races discounts.

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