Case Study: Climp Trash Bag

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1-Statement of Problem:

AD-Linder Embalagens in 2001 is planning to launch a new drawstring trash bag product under the name “Climp Fecha Facil “or Easy Close.

1.1 Management Problem:

The Management have invested huge amount on purchasing manufacturing machines for new drawstring trash bag, They thinks that current product line won’t bring sufficient profits in future ,so they need a new product launch for sustainable profits in long term .

1.2 Short Term Management Goals:
Successfully Launch the product with right marketing mix.
1.3 Long Term Management Goals:
Earn Long term Profit and sustainability through product line diversification.
1.4 Marketing Research Problem:

Through marketing research, the company wants to assess the consumer
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Hence these figures are not a representative of actual data, as this case missed to provide data on the discounts and its impact on sales of that product .Last the performance motivators are qualitative converted into quantitative (via interviews ) by not mentioned means .
Despite the errors and flaws in the market test, the results are encouraging and confirm the data collected from focus groups .
♣ Women are the main buyer of trash bags ,so our focus group selection is correct
♣ Right now market of Draw string trash bags is 18.7% ,this will increase as more people will shift from without handles trash bags to with handle trash bags .
♣ Clamp market share in 18,7% is 88% in comparison with Dover 11.8%,even at the launch the attributes of clamp make it practical and easy to
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5 Conclusion

After reconciliation the findings in both exploratory and confirmatory research, we came to the following solution.
As no confirmatory data for folded bags were provided for test interview, I can deduce that climp trash bags were introduced in rolls. As boxed or folded trash bags are assumed highly priced so climp bags shloud be introduced in rolls. As pointed out in focus groups attention must be given to packaging and making it differentiate from others and providing all necessary data and sizes information. As people are not price sensitive so price can be incrased .

The distribution should be carried out through supermarkets and via door to door marketing to increase visibility and ease of access. As no confirmatory data for Sao Paulo houses is given I assume that door to door marketing would be carried out to cater the housewives customer of the product.
Promotion should be carried out for this product for two purposes.
(1) To increase the product awareness and its utility among the consumers.
(2) To increase the brand equity of this
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