Marketing Case Study: Air Asia SD Sdn Bhd

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A) Introduction to company Air Asia Sdn Bhd is an airline that was establish in 1993 and officially commenced their operations on 18th November 1996. However, the heavily in debt company was taken over by tony Fernandez, former Time Warner executive for the sum of RM1 on 2nd December, 2001. Tony’s efforts on bringing the airline business back on track and shows a remarkable turnover on the company’s profit on 2002. Air Asia promote their vision of the desire to become the largest low cost airline company in Asia and serve 3 billion people who is underserved with poor connectivity and high fares through their philosophy of “now everyone can fly”. Besides that, Air Asia mission stated that they yearn to create a globally recognized ASEAN brand by making the low fare model possible while providing the highest quality of services and products. As Air Asia continue putting effort in promoting air travel, they also bring excitement to their customers by providing innovative and personalized services. As the owner of Air Asia, Tony enhance their customer service by providing his employee a decent working environment so that his employee feels motivated. With the continuous effort of Air Asia they had succeeded in expanding their business by venturing into various Asia countries and set up subsidiaries such as Thai Air Asia and Indonesia Air Asia (Celine, 2013). B)…show more content…
They describe their targeted market by using few segmentation

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