Amway Swot Analysis

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Task 1 INTRODUCTION AMWAY (short for American Way) is an American Company which is specializes in direct selling different variety of products that belong primarily to the home, health care and beauty range of products. Amway uses multi-level marketing strategies to sell their products, and instead of using retailers they mainly sell their products directly to their customers. Amway was founded in the year 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos which is based in ADA, Michigan, United States. Amway is under the ownership of Alticor. It’s range of products consists of beauty care, health care, home care, jewellery, electronics, Nutrilite dietary supplements, water purifiers, air purifiers and insurance. Amway conducts operations in more than…show more content…
So after the proper research Amway came up with a new type of cleaner which the customers can use for multipurpose in a single cleaner which was named as Amway Super Concentrated Cleaning System. This new cleaner can beat the other cleaner’s industry with their advantages and benefits. It was unique, comparatively cheap, eco-friendly, high performance. Al these features are attracting the customers because they would not have to waste time and money in searching for perfect cleaning liquid because this new product of Amway had a combination of many type of cleaners combined into one convenient product. The Amway Super Concentrated cleaning system came in a new 250ml formulation which is four times the concentration of other 1litre sized cleaner. And also came with a dilution dial which would allow for easy dilution with water. In this way the customers can save money instead of buying several cleaners for several purposes which they are getting the benefits of several cleaners in one cleaner for several purposes. So Amway’s new product would actually fulfill the needs of the customers. So people can live better lives by spending less money for a good product, wasting less time in searching for several cleaners and cleaning liquid, they had the benefit of convenience, not harmful for the environment, among some other benefits, which will lead the people to live better

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