Marketing Case Study: FIJI Natural Artesian Water

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The case is about a US based company FIJI Water LLC with its bottling subsidiary Natural Waters of Viti Limited having its operation through water extracted from the Island of Fiji. The successful brand name FIJI Natural Artesian Water’s growth and its expansion of market is also been reviewed in the case. Over the past decades the company has been successfully exporting the bottled water around the globe from Fiji Island where its production plant is situated. This has leaded the FIJI Water, in the year 2008 to be one of the leading brands in importing the bottled water in the US. Also it is known as a committed company for responsibly doing business. Similarly the case also explains on how the FIJI Water company has achieved greater marketing success and how it responded by focusing on to various corporate social responsibilities. On the other, the case explains out on how challenges of CSR could create a hazard on the survival with a strong marketing strategy as well about its brand image and impact on the environment. Analysis of FIJI Water Marketing in a Socially Responsible and Ethical Ways…show more content…
It has become difficult though profitable for a business in finding out the balance consumer social sensibility and effective marketing message. The product reputation can have an impact through social issues awareness as well. In the similar way, FIJI water remained quiet on social issues that were indirectly related. It has freedom to market its product showing only its positive aspects ignoring all its negative impacts on the surroundings environment. This could become the most effective way unless the people become aware and conscious about its

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