Marketing Case Study: Haagen Dazs, And I-Star

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Question I took a trip of I-Star which is a departmental store. It comprises of different sections which includes eatables, beverages and cosmetics. Its way of marketing is very attractive. Different sections are highlighted through relevant posters and background pictures.
All sections in this departmental store are designed in way that they attract every new comer to it but cosmetics section is designed in a way that it is prominent and visible from every side. All products are kept in relevant product line and every product line consists of variety of brands and products. Marketing of this section is very attractive and unique. Bright and glossy lipsticks, shimmery nail colors and smoky eyes attract the customers itself. This section is
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As I am assigned with a question to pick 2 brands of same category and compare their brand elements in terms of their memorability, meaningfulness, transferability ,protect ability and adaptability so I selected Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Although Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry 's sell the same product and they are strong competitors, their products include variety of flavored ice creams and frozen yogurts. However, in terms of internationals presence, we can say that Häagen Dazs operates in 70 countries whereas Ben & jerry’s operate only in 35.
Now let us compare their brand elements in detail that makes the two brands different and unique from each other in terms of their special characters and features.
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were childhood friends when they failed to get success in school they thought to start making ice-creams together and later on their ice creams come up with their own name Ben and Jerry that is now known by everyone. As the name must be memorable and meaningful so it must be given carefully so that it helps to create brand
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bottle of 200ml shampoo is of Rs.350 which is suitable according to the brand recognition all over the world. This product is too much effective towards hairs and is appropriate towards its price so that middle class can also buy this.
Nivea: Nivea shampoo is for the dull and dry hairs so it affects mostly on dry hairs but it cannot prove itself as appropriate for every type of hairs. So according to its working its price is high it should have to fall down to increase its sales.
Garnier fructis:
The Garnier Fructis shampoo is equipped with natural fruits vitamins which really affect hair towards healthiness of hairs. This brand price is reasonable and suitable according to me because it really nourishes hairs.
Herbal Essences:
It is not as much famous or well-known brand but its price is competing with prestigious brands which are not good because if customer has choice between reputed brand and simple brand in the same price then obviously customer will go for high-status

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