Marketing Case Study: IKEA

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IKEA is the biggest and famous brand in furniture in the world. IKEA refers to (Ingvar Kamprad Elmraryd Agunnaryd ). The company has grown dramatically after open the first showroom in 1953. IKEA was established by Kampard Ingvar, Swedish businessman, in 1943. The company started in a place that used to storing milk churns. Now a days, IKEA has 225 stores around the world, over 30 countries, with annual turnover around $17 billions and more than 90000 employees. As a result of this effort, the Kampard is a one of the most richest men in the world ( $18.5 billion).

Solutions To The Questions:
IKEA has a lot of innovative techniques to save the cost. One of the strong technique is transportation process . the company packed their products ingeniously. As a result, the product become more easier to ship between cities, likewise the transportation process will be smoothly to take the product and assemble it at home.
The second innovative technique is the quality of design product. The products that made by IKEA has a high standard quality martial in their products like wood, electric light and so on. The creative design helped the customers to using the product for different purpose and save its quality for a long time. In addition, IKEA gave a customers more features by asking them if they need a home furnishing services. The designers provide a proper design to their homes with less cost.
The final innovative techniques is self-purchase and assemble at

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