Marketing Case Study: Jaguar: High Technology And Marketing

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Question 1 1.1 • Performance – The power, speed, acceleration, handling and all other aspects of the car in terms of performance of a luxury car. • Aesthetics/Looks – How the car looks. Jaguar is known for its sporty and sleek looks. Does the car match the customers’ expectations of the known and loved Jaguar brand? • Equipment/Extras – Is the car equipped with the odds and ends customers would expect from a luxury car such as heated seats, leather seats, GPS, high quality sound system, Bluetooth. • Finish – Does the car have a good overall appearance. Does it look sleek and have no visible marks. • Build quality – Does the car feel solid. Does it feel like a high quality luxurious car? • Reliability – Does the car break down easily or does…show more content…
He wants to combine ‘high technology and fashion’. He wants incorporate technology in every facet of the company’s product possible and he wants to be first in the field with every advance in technology. He seems to give a lot of time to considering the cost consequences of continual product design changes. See the figure below. 3.2.1 The production manager feels that he is in the middle of everything. The marketing department has unrealistic expectations for fast delivery of existing and new products. The product development department does not allow him enough time to set up proper production systems before changing the product once again (this happens every four months). Because of the ongoing changes it prevents him from reducing the cost of production by using proper production systems and learning from mistakes. To satisfy all parties involved the production manager will have to develop new products in a short amount of time at low cost while providing the marketing department with fast delivery.…show more content…
Their argument is that the customers of these products make so much profit from the machines that they are do not care about the cost as long as there is a continuous supply of new products. Firstly customers require fast delivery once they have placed their order and secondly customers expects to have any new products first. High quality and reliability is also a requirement. The marketing manager thus requires new products of high reliability and quality from production department and they need to provide fast delivery to the customers 3.2.3 The new boss is between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand the customers requires new and up to date products every few months, and on the other hard the company is not happy with the current profitability. The only explanation is that costs are too high and must be cut to increase profitability. A possible solution for this problem is that development must research and enhance their flexibility. The incorporation of this must be of utmost importance to the production manager. There are 2 types of flexibility that are relevant in this case: • New product flexibility - the operation’s ability to introduce new or modified products

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