Marketing Case Study: Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd

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Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd was founded and incorporated in Singapore initially in the year 1969, the main aim of the company is to distribute its wide range of products to the Malaysian market as well. In the year 1977 the company was successful to do so by opening up the company in the industrial area in Petaling Jaya as shown in figure 1. The company also has other 18 branches all over Malaysia. They started their own manufacturing operations till date and overall the company has embarked in manufacturing industry. The company’s first product that was successfully manufactured was VITAGEN and it was the most innovative products to be manufactured at that particular time. From there onwards, the company has grown stronger in the market and by…show more content…
By carrying out this research, the causes and the reasons of employee turnover will be determined. From there the management will be able to determine the effects of employees’ turnover on other departments in the company and also be able to provide the best for their employees in the future. By carrying out this research, a proper feedback would be provided to the company that might be helpful for the company to refer…show more content…
Several methods and approaches would be suggested in the research and which would help the management to solve the problem in the future. The research could also work as guidance for the company, if there are any queries based on the impacts that might affect the company. This research that is conducted is important because the employees’ turnover rate has been increasing in the company and the management has not been able to replace back those employees that have left the company. There are relevant data that is shown by the company itself that it has taken up a lot of time for them to replace the employees that has left their job. Due to this, the research would be useful of the company’s best interest. Not only that, employees’ turnover has many impacts towards the company and to be able to identify those impacts would be helpful to make sure that the company will be able to maintain its quality of their products in the future. 1.5 Research Question 1.5.1 What challenges does the company face when the employee turnover rate is high? 1.5.2 What are the effects on other employee that retained in the company? 1.5.3 What are the factors that influence high employee turnover rate in the company? 1.5.4 How does high turnover leave an impact in the working environment

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