Marketing Case Study: Mcdonald's Marketing

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Question 1
1.1 The three main orientations are used in order for the business to be successful.
The three orientations are as follows:

Production orientation: The business has a goal to make money and in order to do this a good technique is to buy the product in bulk which will save the overall cost and maximise profits. Henry Ford once said you can have a car in any colour as long as its black. Marketing1 (Anon., 2015)

Sales Orientation: This is the focus of promoting the product and then finding who the target market is to sell the product to. They implement an aggressive strategy in order to increase the number of sales.

Marketing Orientation: This is about identifying the needs of the consumer and understanding the customer’s personalities
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They implement the 7p’s of the marketing mix in their strategy in order to create, communicate and deliver value. The 7p’s are product, price, promotion, place, people, processes and physical evidence.
The product is the physical item that McDonalds will sell to the people. This being the food which they offer the public and the quality of the items. (Anon., 2015) Their product which is food needs to be of a quality which is acceptable for the customer’s satisfaction.
The price is the amount of how much money the franchise is charging the customer for their food. If the food that McDonalds offers is of a good quality but a high price, customers may look elsewhere.
Promotion Used by the company to get their product out to the customer’s eye and provide information from McDonalds. (Anon., 2015) .
Place is where the business is located and how convenient its location is for the surrounding public. McDonalds should be around an area where a high volume of people travel and can stop for some food. People, is the target market where they will use marketing to pull in new people who relies on the public to support McDonalds. People are the reason McDonalds operates.
Processes, here McDonalds prepares the food and sells it to the customer who then consumes
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They need to have mass trails to be sure their product appeals to the target market before they start mass production in order to maximise profitability.
Micro Marketing will focus on developing a strong relationship with the concentrated market they aim at in order to be able to have a consistent and reliable audience who will support the business and the strategy with a consistent source of income.
5.2 There are several bases used for positioning and they are as follows.
Product attribute is a identifier which is attributed towards a product and allows for the consumer to easily identify it when they hear its attribute.
Product benefit is where the company chooses a unique benefit for the product that satisfies the customers’ needs and wants. The benefits should include things like design and performance.
Price vs. quality is about the company having their items quality as good as possible for the lowest price and cost.
Use or application positioning is a method based on

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