Marketing Case Study: Nike

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Introduction Nike was established on 1962 with the name of Blue Ribbon Shoes. Company’s founder believed that the company can produce high-tech shoes for the sportspersons & athletes. In order to achieve that belief, company followed “Pyramid of Influence” in the aspect of sportswear as well as market adaptability. Basketball footwear in United states & Football shoes in Europe according to the craze for sport. Company strategy to endorse their product from sports celebrities in order to follow the product trend in the market. Company knew that their brand ambassador have influence power to provoke costumers to buy their product. Having variety of product in the company, Nike endorsed world’s No. 1 tennis player, basketball player, best football team as well as world’s popular Tour De’ France champion. Nike believes that the craze for their product brand ambassador will make them to but the endorsed footwear. As a result, after 50 years of establishment, Nike holds 31 percent of total market share in world as well as 50 percent market share in United States in terms of sportswear. Analysis of findings In order to gain profit in the business, proper market research is necessary. As mentioned in the case, Nike had a hard time to establish their business in the market. They had already their competition in the market in terms of Adidas. Turning point for the company was the appointment of brand ambassador. Company knew that the followers of top ranked sports person were idle

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