Case Study Of Nutella For Diabetes

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Nutella For Diabetes Nutella is made by Ferrero SpA, owned by Michele Ferrero. He is PietroFerrero 's son. He is one of the richest people in Italy. The company also makes Ferrero Rocher chocolates. We came up with a new concept for the nutella jar. Since there are some people who suffer from diabetes, and cannot enjoy the grace of nutella, we decided to come up with a new product line extension that enables diabetic people to enjoy a suitable tasty desert. Product Strategies: The product will have a new shape. Other than the traditional chocolate jar that the people are used to. This product will look like a chocolate bar. In which the chocolate bar will be a coated biscuit with the new recipe of nutella on top. My teammates and I decided…show more content…
As for the chocolate itself, we decided to replace white sugar with an alternative source of sweetener. It includes sorbitol and maltitol which are particularly helpful to diabetic people because only a portion of it is digested and absorbed. And the absorbed part is absorbed slowly, therefore there is minimal rise of sugar in the blood. We will also include cacao butter and canola oil, which will also be healthier for diabetic people. After all of this explanation about the product and its ingredients, the target market is obvious. Nowadays diabetes is spread worldwide. Young adults and even children are suffering from that disease. Therefore our direct target market are individuals who suffer from diabetes. Also people who care about their health and their fitness can also be a target market. This is because our product contains low levels of sugar and healthier raw materials as mentioned previously. Each product could be divided into two main categories. The first one is consumer products. Consumer products are items purchased by ultimate consumers. The other category is industrial products. Which are products bought by business men for the purpose of resale in the future. This product is indeed a consumer product. It is so because it will be purchased by people who will consume it over a short period of…show more content…
Exclusive distribution is typically chosen for specialty products or services, such as a Rolex watch.  Selective distribution; is between intensive and exclusive distribution. The firm selects some retail stores to place its products. Intensive distribution is usually chosen for convenience products or services such as The level of coverage is mass coverage. The mass coverage is also known as intensive distribution. This distribution is usually used for convenient products such as our chocolate bar. Meaning that the product will be distributed widely, covering almost everywhere. The chocolate bar must reach every possible store in all geographical areas. Like supermarkets, minimarkets, and even pharmacies since it is a product severely related to one 's health. That way pharmacists could recommend this chocolate to the diabetic people who come to the pharmacy asking for a suitable dessert. After settling the level of coverage, it 's time to select the channel length distribution. Usually distributions are either direct or indirect. Direct channel is when the producer delivers the product directly to the consumer. As for the indirect channel, it is when the product passes through channels like wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and then to the
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