Tesla Competitive Advantage

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The company entered the market with the offering of luxury cars targeted at the high end customer market. By deep workings over the technology and design, the product was designed; removing the earlier perceived lacunae of the Electric Vehicles and thus an elegant car was rolled out for high end consumers. [1]
Subsequently, as the company, its products got maturity its acceptability improved and then it moved into larger and more competitive market with relatively lower price products with high technological inputs, matured by then. The company targeted other group of consumers through its’ different ranges like Sedan, Crossroad and Hatch-back by increasing the volume and decreasing the price of the product. Along with the diversifying ranges of its product, the production capacity was also kept increasing by
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This is a complete shift from the policy adopted by company in safeguarding and patenting its technical know-how for competitive advantage. As per the company, to advance its objective of providing sustainable transport, it is best suited to open up its know-how to other manufacturers so that massive adoption of electric vehicles as a substitute for gasoline powered vehicles takes place. The company hopes that it will create a fast growing and bigger market for electric vehicles, thorough which Tesla Motors will also eventually benefit. The company also believes that technology leadership is not defined by patents, but its ability to attract the most talented engineers. [3]
Competitor Analysis
Tesla Motor is simply the leader in the product range of Electric Vehicle. It has placed itself in the market after a thorough working over the technology. Now after getting established in market it has created following barriers for its competitors.
a) A technology for good quality of Lithium ion Cell batteries at
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