Uniqlo: Brand Analysis

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Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that produces casual clothes. It is inspired from the Japanese fashion. It is always up-to-date and it is referred to men, women, kids and infants. Its product lineup consists of many types of clothes, including HeatTech t-shirts, in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but not trendy. This brand with its successful combination of high quality, performance-enhanced and low prices provides to consumers a new innovating HeatTech t-shirt whose technology “uses rayon and milk proteins to trap the moisture of the body to generate and retain heat” (Fast Retailing, 2014). Uniqlo’s products are far different from those of other companies because it uses technologies like HeatTech, AIRism (“a stretchy fabric”) and Lifewear…show more content…
It is very easy of a consumer to buy his/her favorite clothes for the website of Uniqlo, since this field has been developed to a great extent.


Uniqlo has been utilizing a very efficient combination of high quality and low pricing strategy. This combination makes company’s products affordable and easily accessible to the average citizen. Heat Tech t-shirt, especially, that consists of a monopolistic product provides high quality, because of its technology, but they keep its receptive price (20-25 Euros).(Generally, transactions are accomplished only with Euros). This product can help the company to compete with and absorb market share from other Dutch competitors.

Regarding the online sales, consumers are able to buy their desirable clothes by the use of credit and debit cards. Pay pal is also feasible. Payment is completed only when the product has been transported to the client. If someone has made an order of an amount of money or more, which is always announced on the website, there is a discount on the total price or on shipping.
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Men and women of all ages could be an ideal sample. Consumers care about their style and think that influences their life. The company can become famous by many social media outlets such as web page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Everyone uses that kind of media and can get informed about new products, discounts and competitions of winning Uniqlo’s products. Except for media, Uniqlo can take advantage of the popularity and influence of Dutch or other famous people from the athletic and artistic field. They can promote Heat Tech T-shirts successfully and increase company’s exposure to people.

Last but not least, is the idea of placing advertisements at the most frequent places of Dutch consumers. These places could be bus, tram and subway stations. In the Netherlands the usage of bicycle is very widespread, so we could also put signs on the street at the high of a bicyclist and have another way of promotion.

Concluding, all promotion manners have to communicate with the target groups, be effective and at the lowest possible cost at the same

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