Marketing Case Study: Ykk Zipper Company

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Question 1: a) i. Mr. Chung is the section manager of YKK Zipper Company who is responsible to manage and ensure the company production process meet the requirement of the company. ii. Mr. Chan is the managing director of Big Fish Market and he is responsible for managing the sales operation and cost elements in the company. b) i. Mr. Chung mostly stays in the factory to oversee the quality inspection team and coordinate officers to ensure subcontractors meet the company requirement. Additionally he visits subcontracting factories to monitor production process and improve the relationship with subcontractors. ii. Mr. Chan mostly spends his time on purchasing ingredients and negotiating their price, he also records the sale volume every night. Sometimes he will adjust the price based on the sale volume. c) i. Subcontractor’s performance directly affect the company production process depends on the time that subcontractors took to complete and the percentage of failed manufactures. Mr. Chung tries to reduce the adverse effects from subcontractors by internal adjustment and communicate with subcontractors about the follow up issues such as rework on machining program. Global Economic situation is another major issue that affects Mr. Chung workload based on the quantity of order raises when the global fashion market grows. Mr. Chung is response to adjust the number of stuffs in his department to maintain the factory operation in the most efficiency

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