Marketing Communication In Cadbury

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Marketing communications are known as the most visible aspect of the marketing mix that helps to enhance the brand awarness of the company. In order to prosper in the long term, any company needs to develop an effective marketing campaign to maintain the interest of the existing customers as well as to attract the potential buyers (Cai & Huang, 2011). Mass marketing is highly effective tool to catch the attention of the million buyers, however it will not help to construct the relationships with them. Therefore, the more personal communications needed, such as direct marketing, to understand the consumer’s needs. However, the integration of communication tools helps to overcome both challenges, as the mix helps to create the brand awarness …show more content…

The communication objectives for this campaign, such as enhance the brand recall, increase product awarness, can be measured by online and offline research, opinions and mathematical models (Kumar, 2004). There are numerous ways to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. The online social networking can help to track how many “followers” the company have gained since the published campaign. Also, “Google AdWords” or PPC able to presisely show the company’s when customers searching for the things that Cadbury offers, and then count the effectiveness by how many views on official website the company grown. Furthrer tracking software programs such as Webalizer, Urchin and WebTrends will able to show the campaign …show more content…

These tools mostly used for spreading the awarenes of the new products, enhancing the recall of the brand but mostly for increasing the number of sales as the company needs profits to survive in the long term. The report have deeply looked at the communication tools in practice when the creative strategy for the new Cadbury product was set. The paper analysed in what situation it is better to use advertising, PR or direct marketing for the Cadbury brand, therefore the advantages and disadvantages of the tools were found. For example, it has been identified that advertising is one of the useful tool for brand promotion because it is able to reach a wider audience within the shortest possible time frame (Egan, 2007. P 194). The message appeals are also important as it will highly influence the attatude of the viewer and affect the buying decision. However, the company should take under the consideration the importance of the relationships marketing, therefore the direct marketing tools such as mobile marketing can be used to get more personal effect with the consumer. The online social networking is a create tool that is able to encourage the consumers to engage with the brand, especially when the target audience is the youth because they are the highest users of the Internet. However, in order to achieve the maximum success the companies must integrate the

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