Spread Too Thin: Under Armour's Marketing Dilemma

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popular, but in marketing there is no clear goal. It seems that they wanted to do more than they are capable of: “the issue partly stems from Under Armour 's presence in several categories within sportswear, and could be particularly harmful at a time when consumers are pulling back from spending on apparel” (Pasquarelli “Spread Too Thin: Under Armour’s Marketing Dilemma”). Victoria’s Secret would be one very peculiar example, since they sell underwear mostly. The connection is obvious, the goal is to feel confident in lingerie, you need to work out, and what outfit would be better to the gym than theirs which is feminine and pretty. Victoria Sport is relatively new, in their commercial: “there’s the dramatic music in the background, as though…show more content…
They would like to open people’s eyes that there should be equality, no race, no body shape should be discriminated. People can be outraged by small things, a picture can be misunderstood as well if people responsible for marketing do not pay enough attention to the little details. If a company focuses on actual problems, they tend to get more attention of the media, and their action will get rewarded. If they go down on a new road, it might be risky, yet it can be useful and successful. The media is useful, because information can be shared very fast, yet because of the speed and availability of news, people tend to forget about anything easily. All in all, we can say that exercising plays an important role in common people’s lives, they want to live healthier, they want to look as good as they can. Culture, society pressures us, we do not know about our desires, we forget to live our lives. This is useful for companies which affect our unconscious in order to earn more money. You forget what you want, your decisions are influenced by your surroundings, the popularity of a particular brand may vary depending in which continent or country you are, but they use the same kind of scheme to attract attention to their
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