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Marketing effectiveness is the quality of how marketers go to market with the goal of optimizing their spending to achieve good results for both the short-term and long-term. It is also related to Marketing ROI and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Marketing expert Tony Lennon believes marketing effectiveness is quintessential to marketing, going so far as to say It's not marketing if it's not measured. The concept of marketing effectiveness first came to prominence in the 1990s with the publication of Improving Marketing Effectiveness Shaw,R which won the 1998 Business Management Book of the Year Award. Marketing effectiveness has four dimensions: • Corporate – Each company operates within different bounds. These are determined by their…show more content…
Exogenous Factors Need of Effective Marketing Strategy: Making and using a marketing strategy has a strong positive impact on profitability. This is because firms that employ a marketing strategy tend to focus on their customers and markets, integrate their marketing responses and work out in advance where their profits will come from. This briefing answers a range of questions people in small business often ask about marketing strategy: MARKETING EFFECTIVENES: It is extremely important for any business to analyze its marketing effectiveness. Without some system for analyzing and interpreting the effects of the company's marketing efforts, it might continue to use strategies which are out-dated; which do not help the company to obtain its corporate and marketing objectives and so on. The marketing manager is normally responsible for the day-to-day marketing activities. He is also responsible for planning and control, and rarely has the leisure to casually contemplate the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. Marketing effectiveness is not necessarily revealed by current marketing performance. Economic conditions or chance factors for example, being in the right place at the right time may influence results. Of course, analysis of marketing performance should also be carried out. Targets should be established and performance against these measured on a regular basis. With regard to a Qantas airline or an area within an airline, its marketing effectiveness is…show more content…
There should be clarity about the use of resources to achieve efficient operations. For example, from the point of view of human resources, the company personnel must be carehlly recruited, assigned, trained and developed. Different marketing strategies will require managers with different personalities and skills. The total Quality Concept comes into play here. An analysis is required of how personnel see themselves, the company, the service which the company provides and the overall importance of the customer. The Qantas airline must also recognize that the various? Marketing activities carried out by its marketing department must be allocated appropriate finances if they are to achieve optimum efficiency. Technical areas, such as reservations, within the airline also require adequate funding. Checking performance against set targets can also involve qualitative assessment and check lists can be used to examine such things as sales shop appearance, customer contact, staff attitudes

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