Marketing Ethics: Moral And Ethical Issues In Marketing

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An ethics is a part of logic that deals with moral and ethical values of a society. There is dire need of moral codes in almost every perspective of our markets. Hundreds of years ago, the most powerful method for influence was coined by great philosopher Aristotle, dubbed as “ethos” (Lane Cooper, 1960). Similarly he further identifies several other components of ethics as “justice, courage, temperance, magnificence, magnanimity, liberality, gentleness, prudence, and wisdom”. Therefore, every society required to made laws and codes to regulate and provide guidance and code to deal with individual conduct and behavior (Metcalfe, 2003: 74.). At present, study of ethics deals with right and wrong among various disciplines whether business management,…show more content…
Farmer (1987) stated in his work that marketing field itself based on the assumption of fundamentally unethical and unresponsive towards the majority need of the people. He bemoaned that “large numbers of vociferous critics who see nothing good in a field that tries to figure out, among other things, how to influence 10-year olds to demand something they do not need and cannot even use” (Farmer 1967; 1977).Therefore, improving the image of marketing arena is necessary for both the practitioner and academicians. We try to highlight some important ethical issue in the disciplines of marketing and try to exemplify with the practical example of unethical practices in two big Australian firms. Sole responsibility of attracting customers depends upon marketing and advertisement department. Following ethical principle are necessary for marketing and promotion department to avoid ethical problems that would crop up against the firm. However, several unethical issues can be seen in the realm of marketing which was based on deceptive marketing, flawed and illusive pricing strategies and manipulating and exploiting vulnerable customers and employers. Let’s discuss and elucidate into detail ethical issues that are prevailing in marketing…show more content…
The core motive of companies’ promotion and advertisement is tried to convince customer without the use of deception and trickery. Advertisement should base on truth but here the ethics become fuzzy. Promotion and advertisement used puffery and deception to sell its product. For instance, the biggest car manufacturer company Volkswagens in Australia used deceptive strategy which had shaken up the corporate governance as proclaimed in its promotion and advertisement as “responsible” and “ecological” cars. They portray themselves as in marketing and promoting its diesel cars, based as environmental friendly which emits low-emanation despite the fact that knowingly engineered the vehicle software to give deceiving readings. It based its strategy to pursue the business based on false advertisement which indicates the marketing cultural failure. Once company owned the prestige’s position now incurring million dollar loss in Australian markets in terms of fines and law suits. Therefore, company lost respects from its customer because of lying through its promotion and advertisement only for the sake of increasing demand but also faced a dint in its brand reputation which untimely results in diminished sales and loss of customer loyalty. Likewise, political advertisement is also another kind of unethical practice

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