Refno: A Case Study Of Marketing Strategies

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As market segmentation is the grouping of customers and characterizing them in a relevant manner to ensure that the product or service aimed at the right customer. The objective is to help determine marketing strategies and realistic marketing objectives?by understanding customer trends and buyer behaviors. Brand loyal customers are those who have been using the STO products / services and prefer over other brands. STO have segmented its market in two different groups:
Wholesale customers
The wholesale customers of STO include all the organizations and businesses that buy the goods for resale purpose.
Retail Customers
Individual customers of STO include the households, working community and business, which buy the goods from STO stores for their use. For example, the households? people who are buying the consumer goods from the STO people?s choice mart and STO home improvement for their personal use.
Target Market:
The target market for the STO is the household individuals and wholesalers in the Maldives who are using the electronic items and consumer goods & grocery items at their home and the business people who use to buy products for the reselling at their shops
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The organization has different retail outlets and joint ventures. As company have greater market share in stock exchange. The competitors also had been increased day by day. The main competitors in the market are Maldives transport and contacting company plc ltd. This company is also been increased their market share in few years of time. The main strength of our competitor is they have been more experience in field. Also sustain better customer base. The main weakness of our competitor is that they are specialized in trading on one major product. They are providing transportation service to the

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