Marketing: Marketing And The Importance Of Marketing

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Marketing is a procedure by which organizations or company to create value for clients and build solid client communications to get value back from clients.
Marketing is so important in the present day, because the concept of marketing has developed to cover online marketing.
Online marketing is a new idea to approach for brand-constructing and getting exposure - it is important in fact that advancing online can be less expensive than utilizing more classical ways for marketing, for example, print advertisements, radio advertisements, and TV advertisements. While the expense of running national and international marketing campaigns used to be prohibitive (particularly for small organizations), it can be possible now for even the small start-up
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An idealistic organization website will contain current contact information, testimonials from glad customers, and information about items and products. A few websites may have interactive features, for example, online chat rooms and message boards.
Importance of marketing can be studied as follows:
• Transfer, Exchange and Movement of Goods:
Marketing is exceptionally useful in transfer, movement and exchange of products. Merchandise and goods are made accessible to clients through different intermediaries which are wholesalers and retailers and so forth. Marketing is useful to both makers and purchasers.
To the previous, it tells about the particular needs and tends of customers and to the latest about the goods that factories can offer. As per Prof. Haney Hansen “Marketing involves the design of the products acceptable to the consumers and the conduct of those activities which facilitate the transfer of ownership between seller and buyer.”
• Raising And Maintaining The Standard Of Living Of The
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This revenue and benefit are reinvested in the concern, subsequently acquiring more benefits in future. Marketing should be given the best significance, since the very survival of the firm or company relies on upon the viability effectiveness of the marketing function.
• Source of New Ideas:
The idea of marketing is a dynamic idea. It has changed by and large with the progression of time. Such changes have expansive impacts on manufacturing and distribution. With the quick change in tastes and inclination of individuals, marketing needs to keep up with the same.
Marketing as an instrument of estimation, gives scope for understanding this new type of request and that way the production should be made to available the goods and products accordingly.
(7) Marketing Is Helpful In Development Of An Economy:
Adam Smith has remarked that “nothing happens in our country until somebody sells something”. Marketing is the kingpin that sets the economy revolving. The marketing organisation, more scientifically organised, makes the economy strong and stable, the lesser the stress on the marketing function, the weaker will be the

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