Marketing Mix Of Big Baazaar

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1. PRODUCT: One of the main elements of retail marketing mix is the products and services that store offers to the customer. The different products that the store offers are together termed as merchandise mix. Big bazaar sold a wide range of products which comprises of apparels, food, farm products, furniture, child care, toys etc.
If we consider the fashion department store the merchandise line comprises:
1. Men’s wear
2. Women’s wear
3. Kid’s wear
4. Home fashion
5. Man’s accessory
6. Party wear
2. PRICE: Pricing is integral part of retail marketing mix. Big Bazaar gives the good price to customers. Big Bazaar has punch line “Isse Sasta Aur Acha Kahin Nahi”. This line best describes that big bazaar offers good quality products at reasonable prices. Some individuals have a perception that quality comes with the price which is wrong. Even if the price is low the quality of the products is good. Big Bazaar gives many offers to customers like: the great Indian festival big days, sabse saste 3 Din etc. In these days it gives the huge amount of discount on the various types of products.
3. PLACE: The location of the retail store is considered to be an important element of retail marketing mix.
The location of the big bazaar must be such that they can easily adapt themselves to the habits, tastes and preference of its customers. Currently Big Bazaar operates in 34 cities and towns across India with 116 stores. Big bazaar aims at starting stores in developing areas to take an

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