Coca-Cola Marketing Mix

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Marketing mix plays an important role for the success for any company or an organization. The company or an organization has the vast amount of consumers that are various from different locations around the world. Furthermore the company has easily altered the four mechanisms to cater to fulfill the needs of the consumers of coke and make the profit to get success in the market. Certain strategies are set and campaigns are planned so that the promotion is done which help the company to easily deliver their messages towards the customers to get the success in the market. The campaign was conducted and it shows the success was massive and through this it increases the consumption of Coca-Cola. Some plans have been set by the company for future…show more content…
The company has faced many ups and downs to get the success to reach at that point where the company wants to be. Marketing mix of any company is defined as to the set of proceedings, or strategy, that a company uses to sponsor its brand or product in the market. Currently, Coca-Cola is currently dealing with many products in the market all over the world. Many plans and strategies are set by the company to get the success in the market. Campaigns are set according to the customers so that the company can fulfill the needs of the customers. The marketing mix is the tool which is important and strategic to formulate the plan for the development of the product and the promotions. These factors are examined for the company which is successful like the Coca Cola as the company is the leader which is best in order to know and understand the dynamics that are involved between the four factors that is product, price, place and…show more content…
The industry of beverage has divided into different categories which includes 100 percent fresh fruit juices, flavored fruit drinks, energy drinks, coffee and last but not the least tea. According to the data of Nielson the company is at the top rank and has the no: 1 brand in the beverages of shiny and the water that is packaged of the retail in the year 2010. The company has the presence of the market in around more than 200 countries. The company has also deal in India through different brands like Fanta, Limca, sprite, Thumbs up, and Nested Ice-tea. Some of the new brands that were manufactured in India in order to motivate their customers and through this strategy the brands were successful in India. Coca-Cola has continued to develop the new packaging to meet the functions in order to add the ability to recycle and produce the products that may not be seen longer but as the resource it is valuable for the future prospects. The products which the company offers have many competitors and they are very strong in the market. It is very important for the brand to recognize to be the best from all the aspects starting from the taste till the price to the recycling and the contributions. The company has decided and makes some strategies in order to get successful in the market by unique and different ideas that may attract the people itself. This may also involve

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