Online Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Essay

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It is very important to actually realise which form of marketing is more effective as the earlier it can be realised, the better and in more effective manner a company or brand can utilise it. It is hard to say what makes them better than others however on the other side, both of them have some advantages as well as disadvantages which not only bring the conlusion to a more complex manner but also hard to make a clear strategy about it. A Qualitative form of study has been used as there has been several papers and articles from reliable source which carries the virtual battle between
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Sometimes it also follows only the way to reach its target audience. Direct selling also is a kind of traditional marketing however it has very much to do with the place, time and situation. If everything is favourable, it is one of the most effective way of marketing. Traditional Marketing also works through printed brochure as it is a way of attracting attention of peoples in leisure time and also plays an important role in word to mouth marketing. Traditional Marketing is costly due to process involved in getting the result are to be done at larger scale, and priting medium involves high investment. It is also tough to track real quantitative results. Most of the times the cost involved are so high that it’s hard to get profit of desirable…show more content…
The busy lifestyle when get an ease to purchase something which carries goodwill surely makes the Online marketing more customer oriented. This trend started when Motorola announced its tie up with Indian e-commerce site Flipkart for its re-entry to Indian market. This very step turned out to be a huge success as Motorola became the 4th largest Smartphone manufactures in India, leaving behind Nokia. Tony Navin, Senior Vice President of Snapdeal (10th August, 2014, Economic Times) said “a brand could save 8-20% by taking the online-only route”. The online partnership are not only related to electronics with Rupa Publication associating with Flipkart to launch Chetan Bhagta’s new book “Half Girlfriend”. Latest addition to this trends are Xiaomi, the top Chinese Phone manufacture choose Flipkart to launch its brand in India, ultimately resulted in the flash sale and the site being crashed. However the company ultimately succeeded in the units being sold in minutes and they followed it up with few more Sales. This very idea of marketing resulted in more hype and the word-a-mouth also played the leading factor. Currently for 40,000 units of phone, the no. of people who registered are approx. 1,00,000 (as per mentioned on

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