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MARKETING MANAGEMENT OF ATE ENGG. SUMMER INTERNSHIP REPORT Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration course of Amity University Submitted by VISHESH NASWA (ENROLLMENT NO. A3906413092) Under the Guidance and Support of Ms. MONA CHAUDHARY Faculty Amity School of Business AMITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AMITY UNIVERISTY UTTAR PRADESH NOIDA AMITY UNIVERSITY – UTTAR PRADESH TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Mr.Vishesh Naswa, a student of Under Graduate Degree in BBA GEN(2011-2014) Amity School Business, Noida has worked in the ATE ENGG. Pvt. Ltd., under the able guidance and supervision of Mr. A.K ARORA. He had pursued his summer project in Faridabad and Manesar plant of the company. He was placed in the Delhi branch office of…show more content…
Marketing management is need when at least one party to a potential exchange thinks about the means of achieving desired reponses from other party ties MARKET MANAGEMENT OF ATE ENGG. Director of the ATE ENGG. Were more interested in making the reputation in the market than the profits, concern was to make the have customers who enjoyed the finest reputation. Sales person were told never to take the orders from the small firms. There were also clear instruction to the sales person never to deal with the bank loans company. Within the firm many preliminary inquiries are conducted for the better of the firm. MARKETING IS BUSINESS For small scale industries like ATE ENGG. Marketing is main goal for their business. MARKETING is just the another tactic for business.Main motive with this is the customer satisfaction providing n serving them in the best possible manner. With the adoption of this marketing concept business establishment are steadily moving in the direction of marketing company. System approach is an important tool for understanding marketing management…show more content…
ATE ENGG. PVT LTD just provides an ease service to make the comfort n convenience in the production to avoid more and more labour. Level 3: Customer Relationships At the third level, relationships can be either formal or informal.Informal relationships are pay –as –use systems. In case of ATE ENGG. there is an informal relationship. Because the good provided is done against the payment for the same from the client as well the revenue depends upon how many customers buys the good from the Company. Level 4: Nature of demand ATE ENGG. PVT LTD has a variable demand depending upon the volume of the trade. Since ATE ENGG. PVT LTD is the manufacturer of easy handling goods which have different qualities and quantity. Level 5 Delivery Method The last level of the classification scheme deals with the delivery of the goods . In case of ATE ENGG. PVT LTD the availability of the good is at multiple sites. This is due to its high domestic network, infrastructure and facilities that the company is able to provide its services globally. And the nature of this delivery is continuous. However the type of consumption is independent and the allocation of capacity is by order of

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