Marketing Segmentation Of Mercedes Benz

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Market are segmented in order to make it easier for businesses to target these segments according to the features and habits they exhibit. These segments must be definable, specific, profitable, and is has room to grow. The following outlines the segmentation for the market of Mercedes Benz broken down into demographic, behavioral and psychographic segmentation. Demographic Segmentation: Markets can be segmented by geography where the business would market its offering towards individuals living in a certain area. For example developed countries will be more likely to buy a Mercedes than still developing countries. Age also plays a major role in segmentation as each generation differ in its own demands, and method of usage of products. So Mercedes…show more content…
Mercedes remains in the end a company that values of professionalism and business men lifestyle where all its advertisement show the owner of Mercedes as wearing suit and enormously wealthy in order to instill the psychology and idea of the market they are trying to reach. Marketing would not be profitable if the business didn’t segment the market into segments that they can then market accordingly to demographics as well as social lifestyle. With this in mind, a sustainable car would be better targeted to a segment with high income that can as well high social class that would be more prone to be active towards a certain goal. With business men being always on the travel in order to attend meetings and showcase products, a sustainable cars that can achieve a heavy millage might attract that…show more content…
The customers of Mercedes Benz look for products that have certain benefits that hold value for them. Therefore, in terms of benefits sought, they seek for high-end integrated technology and functioning of the car, along with consistency in performance and most importantly they will look to purchase cars that will offer high sustainability and reliability. The Mercedes is purchased among customers that heavily use the product on a daily basis. As mentioned in the demographics segmentation section that people who purchase these cars are in the high income class group, which means that these customers will regularly use a mode of transportation to travel to workplaces. The market for Mercedes Benz will also be divided in terms of their loyalty status. Users of Mercedes Benz products will have a high loyalty status as it carries a brand image of an organization that offers it users the best products and services. Mercedes offers a Loyalty Program, for instance, “If you are a current U.S. Member of the MBCA and have been a Member for at least 12 consecutive months prior to purchasing or leasing a NEW Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you are considered a "Member in Good Standing" and automatically qualify for a $500 price discount.” (mbca,
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