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4.0.1 Product
Product is the first and vital things a company should have. It can be offered in order to fulfil the customer’s needs and want. KFC’S products planning is categorised as consumer product as it has no intermediate or midway. The special goods are being offered and this lead to high stock turnover. As the prices, the services and the quality of the goods is always being emphasis by the customer, the will be always be a product comparison. It offer special goods and the stock turnover of KFC is very high. Of course the price and the quality of the product is always compared. KFC is doing their research in order to enhance their goods quality and they have their own quality
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This is mainly about how the customers will get the products and vice versa. For example point-of-sale location or trade. It is also to determine in what kind of the environment the products can be sold and it will affect the sales or not. There is only one distribution channel for KFC whereby its only distribute its products directly to the customers and without distributor to distribute its products. KFC main target is the group of people who experience with chaotic lifecycle. The concepts of fast food has become main target for this chaotic group choices as people do not have time to prepare their foods and provide full meals to them rapidly. The most people who are the customers of KFC is youngsters and some adults especially the working adults and mostly their outlets is in strategic areas urban places, offices, schools and colleges. KFC has placed it outlets in a strategic places in order to provide the customers the satisfaction with their products. Good management teams in KFC has led to the successfulness of KFC as the team is working together to achieved their targeted goals.

4.0.4 Promotion
Promotion is another elements of service marketing mix. In order to update and inform the preferred aimed audience about the organization and its goods and product, promotion is the method used by KFC. The promotion strategy that being used by KFC is the KFC’ logo itself. KFC Logo that features Colonel Harland Sanders that is one of the greatest logo in the world. Immediately this logo brings the images and identity of fried chicken. There are numerous way being used by KFC in order to promote its product. KFC finds most of the significances and endurance through advertisings.


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