Marketing Strategies Of Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is a brand that is instantly recognised by billions of people around the world. Since its early beginnings, the brand has only seen growth and success. The secret to its success? Coca-Cola’s marketing strategies and the brand image it has created in the minds and hearts of everyone. This success would not have been possible if not for marketing, advertising and creating that strong brand image, as mentioned in the article. Known for its mass marketing and innovative marketing strategies, Coca-cola has established its position as having the best-selling soft drink in history, Coke. Today, Coca-Cola reaches out to consumers in many different countries and from many different backgrounds and is at full demand. Evidently from the article, it can be seen that Coca-Cola has established itself as a global brand in a global market.
Coca-Cola makes use of intergrated marketing to build a strong brand name and image in the global market. Intergrated marketing makes use of both traditional and non-traditional channels to connect with customers. In its mass communications strategy, the brand has advertisements on print, television, Youtube, publicised on billboards and is even shown in movie theatres. In these adverts, the logo or a coke can is vividly shown to people. Furthermore, Coca-Cola utilises various techniques and strategies to make its impact on the audience. The branding of the company is made obvious and easily recognizable. The company has understood the
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