Marketing Strategies Of Nike

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Evaluation of Marketing Strategies Name Institutional Affiliation Evaluation of Marketing Strategies Introduction Marketing strategies evaluation is the assessment and formulation of a viable marketing plan. A marketing plan is an assessment of the marketing activities against the originally set targets. Continuous assessment of marketing strategies will help the marketing team to find any weaknesses and modify or introduce new strategies that can better achieve the objective. The marketing mix is a set of manageable and strategic marketing tools used by organizations to achieve the desired goal from a designated target market. It comprises everything that a company can do to effect demand of certain products. Importantly, marketing mix is a vital tool that can help in planning and execution of marketing plans. As follows, marketing mix has four important strategies for improving personnel and adding value to the company: product, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies. Nike’s Product Strategy Product is among the four fundamental strategies that make up the marketing mix, which is referred to as the “4Ps.” Tarnanidis, Vlachopoulou, and Papathanasiou (2017) argued that a product is the most basic element of the marketing mix and it consists of tangible features such as quality and design. According to Charles and Anderson (2016), a product as a set of physical, service and symbolic attribute that yields satisfaction to a user or buyer. Nike’s growth
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