Case Study Of Apple's Brand Strategy

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Question 1: Apple Company is multinational companies that creates and sell consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers, in 363 stores worldwide. The company’s well known products like computers, iPod, and laptops are mainly recognized as a source of competitive edge due to highly brand awareness related to these products. Apple also sells other branded products like, Mac OS X, iTunes, iWork, logic studio, safari browser and IOS. Apple has set four objectives to survive and compete in the market of consumer electronics; first objective is to obtain products and services within tight timeframe, at cost providing the best value to the customers and shareholders. Second objective to keep creating and releasing computers and consumer electronics those are user friendly. Third objective is to open more stores even on international…show more content…
Apple (brand strategy) is one the most strongest and smartest strategy that Apple use, as it is very important as a good brand help companies to achieve their goals such as: helps to deliver the massage of the company clearly, it motivates the buyer, in confirms the company credibility and it strengthens user loyalty. Since Apple has a strong and good brand awareness, it has high sales and high market share, customers or consumers are willing to pay a premium price for Apple products due to Apple positive brand equity. Companies should create brand equity for their products by making them memorable, easy to recognize and superior in quality and

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