Marketing Strategy At Dick's Sporting Goods

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Leveraging its growing brand recognition among consumers, TRX has begun expanding their B2C revenue stream. The Company believes this to be their largest growth opportunity. E-Commerce – 5.9% CAGR TRX’s website, which receives approximately 6.5 million visits annually, was updated in 2012 to include a full-service sales platform allowing direct sale to the consumer. In November 2016, a mobile TRX website was launched. ~72. 5% gross margin Amazon Amazon is a relatively new, yet rapidly expanding marketplace for TRX products. Up 280% YoY, Amazon provides brand exposure and ease of purchase to everyday consumers. The Company continues to grow the channel through content optimization, targeted search engine marketing, and direct work with the Amazon management team regarding brand integrity and enforcement.…show more content…
TRX entered the retail channel in 2004, launching into 30 Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Sales were stronger than expected, and today TRX has access to all Dick’s Sport Goods stores nationwide. This retail growth was further expanded through in-store marketing efforts, including end-caps and package redesign. The Company plans to occupy 1,188 stores by the end of 2016, but believes the retail opportunity to be around 3,000 sporting good stores in North America alone. ~57% gross

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